Our service

1)Buy from Whole sale shops
We can help you to buy squishy from those kind of whole sale shops !!
Superdelivery   ,  Netsea   ,    Chubushoji

2)Buy from retail shops
There are some popular squishy retail shops , if you hope we can buy from them also !
olive13 , kachikachi shop etc

3)Buy BLOOM products
We handle some BLOOM products also , please feel free to ask us !

4)Buy from Auction
Do you want rare squishy by bidding ? We can help you get and ship to you !
Yahoo Auction

5)Original Squishy product development
If you happen to produce your own squishy , please feel free to ask us !!

6)Warehouse service
If you sell your items worlwide , it’s not the big problem for you to ship your goods to your customers , we can keep your goods and ship to your customers directly !

7)Group Shopping
in case you want certain squishy but the shop doesn’t allow to sell small amount , we can ask other customers to buy them together !

of course we’ll try to help you to do anything about squishy , if you have an interest in our services , please feel free to contact us :D